Christina Cowger, MA, LMFT, uses her unique skills and experience to build and repair personal and professional relationships.  She helps people communicate more effectively to foster  healthier and more meaningful connections. 

The Benefits of Working With Christina




Clinical psychotherapy can offer a safe place to explore thoughts, feelings and experiences. It offers the opportunity to explore current relationships and define and redefine goals. Self-reflection, within a safe environment, can foster more emotional regulation and a more accurate response within daily life.


Excecutive & Team Coaching-


Executive coaching utilizes here-and-now solutions and tools to improve leadership, foster healthy professional cultures and encourage new way to inspire and motivate people. Christina brings two decades of corporate leadership, sales training and team building which informs her extensive work in both coaching and therapy.

Bio-Emotional Recovery

Christina offers Bio-Emotional Recovery techniques. Bio-Emotional Recovery applies cutting-edge, research-based, information in the area of emotions, behaviors and trauma and enables participants to better understand biologically based issues and apply novel therapeutic tools to interrupt negative behavioral cycles. This approach combines therapy with the latest discoveries in biology and offers a combination of tools that support permanent change.

Options for Business, Couples and Individuals.

  • Retreats
  • Weekend intensives
  • Skill Building Seminars
  • Motivational Speaking
  • One on One Meetings