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Christina Cowger, MA, LMFT, uses her unique skills and experience to build and repair challenging relationships.  She helps couples communicate more effectively to foster a deeper, more meaningful connection.  She has helped many partnerships grow in their physical and emotional intimacy so that the difficulties of the past are resolved and a new loving future is created.

The Benefits of Therapy.

Therapy can offer a safe place to explore thoughts, feelings and experiences. It offers the opportunity to explore current relationships and define and redefine goals. Self-reflection, within a safe environment, can foster more emotional regulation and a more accurate response within daily life.   Using an in-depth approach, couples find solution-based tools that quickly shift dynamics and relieve pain, open communication and build affection.

Bridge the Gap.

Bridging the gap between past, present and future goals are challenging. When people get stuck in their story and behaviors, this makes it difficult to move forward in relationships, careers and interpersonal growth.  Christina helps couples and individuals to “connecting-the-dots” between inner and outer wants and desires.  When negative patterns discovered, then change can occur to move in a positive, transformative direction.

Effective Tools. Effective Change.

Christina uses effective tools when working with individuals and couples.  With her broad experience and insight, she is able to pinpoint the root of problems and find powerful methods so that changing behavior is easy and natural for her clients.  These methods include:

  • Using neutral language
  • Establishing effective boundaries
  • Looking at creative ways to understand both self and others, which allow for
  • Defining realistic expectations and goals

Bio-Emotional Recovery.

Christina offers Bio-Emotional Recovery techniques in therapy. Bio-Emotional Recovery uses cutting-edge, research-based information in the area of emotions, addiction and trauma and enables participants to better understand biologically based issues and apply novel therapeutic tools to interrupt negative behavioral cycles. This approach combines therapy with the latest discoveries in biology and offers a combination of tools that support permanent change.

Therapy Formats for Couples.

Christina offers couples therapy in a number of settings including:

  • Retreats
  • Weekend intensives
  • Short-Term intervention and tool-building


Christina Cowger, MA, LMFT  

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